The Shop Men’s Grooming Line

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Our Mission

For Every Ambitious Man

We’re all striving for something.

Regardless of what that goal might be, confidence and routine are vital elements in that journey. In order to Be the face, you have to show up as your best self. Every man knows the initial feeling after a fresh cut and that first look in the mirror.

That’s the confidence we want young men to walk around with. 

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Our Collection

Our products are uniquely crafted for all hair and skin types. We developed this collection to streamline your self-care routine without sacrificing your values, which is why each product has a vegan and cruelty-free formula.

Uninterrupted Store
Uninterrupted Store
Uninterrupted Store

Our Foundation

The Shop Men's Grooming line was inspired by the award-winning series and the insightful, unfiltered conversations that feature your favorite artists, athletes, entertainers and advocates.

Further building on the show's DNA, rooted in barbershop culture and community roots, The Shop team saw an opportunity to empower men of all ages to embrace and celebrate the importance of self-care by recreating the barbershop experience at home.

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